About Us

WEEE Scotland was established in Glasgow in 2015, on the principles of protecting the environment, and helping to build and maintain Scotland's circular economy.

We strive to provide top class WEEE Management Solutions to our customers, repairing technology to first class standards while recovering and recycling materials from hundreds of electronic products.

Unlike some other recycling operations, we aim to repair and remanufacture products for resale into the industry and homes, embracing our role as a circular economy partner.

In breaking down the complex world of electronic waste management for our clients, we hope that organisations continue to consider our collective social responsibility. By doing so we can create a culture where sustainability is key, allowing this unique sector to flourish and the carbon footprint of businesses to shrink.

We recycle any electrical equipment from Washing Machines, Fridges, TVs and Computers all the way to Scientific Instruments. Here at our Glasgow hub we analyse all the electronic materials we receive, repairing equipment where we can, and dismantling products for component resale and recycling where we cannot.

While sustainability lies at the heart of our work, we could not operate without the trust and business of our valued customers and clients. In an ever changing field, we understand that our potential customers must ensure that their waste management partners are sustainable and trustworthy.

In building strong relationships with organisations such as Zero Waste Scotland and Remanufacturing Scotland, WEEE Scotland has established links with circular economy partners throughout Scotland, making sure we continue to embrace and apply the principles of repair, reuse and recycling.

We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our customers, giving clients a specific contact within the business to ensure that their exact requirements are met. Clients are also given a unique email address to safeguard communications from being lost amongst other business mail.

KPI reports can be drawn up with specific information requirements you have, and will be available to be reviewed and updated at a frequency determined by you.

If you require secure destruction of items, we shred hard drives, disks and other sensitive media on site at our Glasgow facility, where we also have CESG approved software for the erasure of data to meet all requirements.

Resources must be utilised wisely, acknowledging how it effects our environmental, social and economic responsibilities. We aim to continue to identify sustainable development that meets the needs of legislation as well as current and future customers, without compromising the needs of future generations.

WEEE Scotland

We are a fully licenced Waste Management Site (WML/L/1125653) and Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (WEE/SE1504PA/ATF) specifically for the handling obligated WEEE from manufacturers, businesses & compliance schemes, all operational licences are registered with the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) as well as the above we also hold a Waste Carrier Licence (WCR/R/1125653), meaning that we can offer secure transfer of any waste in accordance with Government regulations.

We also offer Secure Data Destruction of Hard Drives, USB drives, Solid State Drives and PCB. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 compliant organisation, and we also have Approved Registration with British Association of Supported Employment (BASE). Our vehicles are all fitted with GPS tracking devices to ensure such items are transported in a safe and secure manner.

Although IT recycling is exempt from the ‘supported business’ status, WEEE Scotland Limited are proud to actively work in line with the supported business guidelines and recommendation.

We are a fully accredited member of the British Association of Support Businesses (BASE) and are currently the first commercial WEEE recycling organisation to be working towards the Revolve Reuse Quality standard.

Aims And principles


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  • Developing techniques using the latest technology to divert material which would normally be recycled or landfilled into a remanufacturing environment process here in Scotland, therefore creating jobs for future generation. 
  • Supporting and respecting the protection of international human rights and ensuring we do not work with companies complicit in abuses.
  • Supporting and participating in a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, while pushing for greater responsibility and awareness. 
  • Promoting continual Environmental Improvement in line with the ever evolving ISO 14001, while setting, achieving and engaging KPI targets for all staff to work towards. 
  • Raising awareness of WEEE regulations and assisting clients to exceed the expectations of the waste hierarchy. 
  • Striving to work against corruption and bribery, while calling for the effective abolition of child labour and the elimination of forced labour and discrimination in the workplace.
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